Instancias Mágicas

Welcome to the world and the adventure of our Cultural-Social project, where you will meet with us the most remote and hidden places of our Country and the Brother Countries of South America. Your contribution to finance this project will be welcome …

“Let’s accomplices in the beauty” (Don Andrés Pérez Araya)

“Let us be the change we want to see” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Let me reach more corners of this beautiful planet teaching and learning of art, music and happiness of living beings.

  • If you do not just want to donate, I can also teach among other things:
  • circus techniques (single and duo trapeze, trapeze flying, Chinese pole, acrosport, Basic floor acrobatics, trampoline, fabric, ribbons, clown)
  • I teach theater techniques (use of Balinese masks, character search, artistic direction, (G.C.T methodology)
  • Professor of saxophone and music techniques for theater.
  • For years I have been a motorcycle guide for tourists who want to visit our country
  • I teach driving big bikes Trail and offer two courses for long-winded travelers

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Be part of this beautiful project, be one of our sponsors and help us to get further and further...